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We encourage and guide you and your family to do as much as possible in order to be in control of your budget.  You choose to have us help with everything or jump in where needed.

$60 per labor hour.

No obligations, no minimums.


Each project is unique. During our free consultation, we discuss your specific needs and how long we think it will take accomplish them.  See below for average price ranges on common projects.   

Things to know:

  • These prices do not include movers or 3rd party resources. We provide assistance with everything except the muscle and the truck. You hire and pay any 3rd party companies of your choosing. We work with that company to ensure a streamlined process or are happy to provide recommendations of partners we have trusted in the past.
  • Reusable items are used as much as possible. Packing materials tend to be expensive and wasteful. Reusable packing materials can save hundreds per move.
  • You are in control of everything. While we guide and suggest solutions the decisions are always yours. 
  • We utilize local donation resources if you have no preference. Otherwise, we are happy to drop off donations wherever you want within a reasonable distance. 
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