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Moving Assistance

Plan on transitioning to a new residence such as a smaller family home, a condo or a senior living community?  Moving is exhausting at any age. Cleaning out closets, packing belongings, and arranging countless details can feel overwhelming. For older adults, moving can take more than just a physical toll, it can trigger grief and sadness. We partner with you and your family to simplify this transition.  Alleviating some of the stress will help you and your family focus on the things that matter most.  

Let's Meet

Every situation is unique. We take time to assess and understand your needs. We want to help you in the most productive way possible and will customize a plan to do so. We can help with all aspects of the move or only ones you need assistance with.

Space Plan

Going from a 2500 sf home to a 750 sf apartment will take planning. What will fit? where will you put it?

Once you decide what you want to take with you. We will take measurements of your new space along with your existing furniture to design a layout that will suit you in your new space. 

Declutter & Sort

Your home is filled with possessions gathered over a lifetime. Each one there because it means something to you. Deciding what to do with these items will be hard & emotionally exhausting. We compassionately help you work through those decisions. We will declutter and sort items into donation, disbursement, sell and trash piles. Along the way we pack items going with you & help organize existing spaces to maintain the best functionality.  

Logistical Assistance

•Develop a timeline

•Schedule trash removal & donation pick ups

•Pack and disburse items for family members

•Continued communication with any 3rd party vendors

•Help you decide on how to best sell any remaining items.

•Meet with and schedule movers

•Help get current home ready for sale

Moving Day

The big day is here. Sit back and relax while we do the work for you.

Oversee movers.

Unpack boxes and settle you into your new space.

Execute our previously discussed floorplan.

Make bed, hang pictures, set up electronics.

Remove all trash and packing material.

Welcome you to your new home.

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