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Downsize & Organize


Whether you're moving to a smaller space, preparing for an adventurous retirement or have decided to stay in your home for the long haul, right-sizing for your future will help simplify your life leaving you light and free to enjoy the things that matter most.

Each job is unique. Together, we assess and come up with a plan to put you in control. 

 - Create a plan and timeline

 - Identify areas to focus on

 - Sort, purge and disburse of unwanted items

 -Go through treasured possessions and help you decide on a plan for them.

 - Arrange for shredding, trash removal and donation pick-ups

 - Rearrange or move items to make your space functional for you. 

Most people have lived in their home for years, even decades, and are now finding that they have collected too many things. Holding on to items you no longer have use for will eventually consume you and your home.

We work with you to identify what's not working and then make a plan. We help sort through the many piles and items in your home and clean out items you no longer find useful. With the clutter gone, you will feel lighter physically and emotionally.

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