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I joined Lighten Your Life September of 2022. Before devoting my work full time to LYL, I worked as an assistant manager at one of the design shops in Charlotte. Going through some difficult times in my personal life, my priorities changed. My old career no longer resonated with me. I understand the difficulties that families face when daily activities become too challenging. My services are
tailored to individual needs whether it’s cleaning out a single closet or transitioning to a brand new space.
When I’m not working, I love to spend time with my 2 high schoolers and our yellow lab. We love to travel, host family and friends and explore local hiking trails.



Jannika T Bolduc

Co-Owner/Project Manager

Our Team

"Helping you feel respected, listened to and in control is my  first priority. This is an emotional & stressful process. It may be time to part with possessions, but maintaining the memories is what matters most. Being honest with our needs and future is truly freeing. Those who choose to take control early lift the weight of themselves and their family finding it easier to move forward for expected and unexpected life events.

Starting now with decluttering and sorting sessions are a great way to make this daunting task manageable."


Jody Will

Co-Owner/Project Manager




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